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Autoflame Combustion Management System

Autoflame Combustion Management System is a microprocessor based linkageless control system that eliminates the use of ‘old style’ cams, rods and linkages. The fuel and air valves are independent and operate via servo motors. Boilers/burners are able to achieve utmost combustion efficiencies from low fire to high fire.

An apt analogy would be: The Autoflame Combustion Control System vs. old technology is the same as the 1960’s technology of a gas pedal and a 4 barrel carburetor vs. cruise control and fuel injection. You receive the same performance with smaller engines because the fuel is utilized so much more efficiently.

One of the many features that makes the Autoflame system green is the incorporation of the Autoflame Exhaust Gas Analyzer (EGA). This truly ‘one of a kind’ unit attaches to the stack outlet of any individual boiler. With its thermocouple and sample probe the EGA provides integral emissions data including: CO2, O2, CO, NO, NO2, and SO2. It also relays ambient temperature, stack temperature and ultimately boiler combustion efficiency. In addition, the EGA trims on three parameters: CO, CO2 and O2. The Autoflame EGA acts as a pollution controls device.

Although there are a few semi-competing units, nothing comes close!

Wilkinson simplified the entire system by installing the linkageless Autoflame Combustion Management System and helped United Liqours to reduce operating costs.

Pictured above is the MiniMK7 Panel, MK7EVO Touchscreen panel and the Touchscreen EGA.

The boiler at United Liquors was originally full of complicated tubes and connections.

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